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What Our Clients Have To Say

Our family takes pride in helping our clients in every case. A few of the comments from current and former clients, friends, other attorneys, judges, and others with whom we have been involved with are as follows:


“The lawyer’s lawyers”

“One of the best if not the best trial and appellate lawyers in the State of Tennessee.”

“During the trial of my case, it was just amazing to see how Mr. Jenne handled every detail, even regarding issues that arose unexpectedly. I never imagined a case could be so well prepared. Obviously, the jury felt the same way.”

“Frankly, your first task when getting a divorce is to hire the Jennes before your spouse does.”

“After my house flooded, my insurance company would not help me. My daughter and I had no place to go. The insurance company had two or three lawyers handling the case. Once I hired Jenne, it wasn’t long before my house was repaired and all of my expenses were paid.”

“They didn’t just care about my case, they cared about me and my family.”

“After my trial, two strangers approached me the hallway at the courthouse. They had been in the courtroom while my case was heard, and they wanted the name and telephone number of my attorneys.”

“A few years ago my company was involved in a lawsuit and Jenne, represented the other side. The Jennes will be my attorneys from now on.”

“I was very nervous about what the attorneys for the other side would say about me during their deposition. However, after Josh Jenne completed his questioning of the insurance company representative, I almost felt sorry for them.”

“Josh, thank you for your experience and patience in handling my case. You are an excellent lawyer.”

“Josh, I want to thank you and your dad for all you have done for us. You gave us comfort and encouragement when we needed it most. We are so happy to now be able to finish the construction of our dream home.”

“The lion of the legal community.”

“Mike, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did for me. Even though you get paid for your line of work, your skills have truly amazed me. You have been very professional”

“Mike, thank you for helping me. God blessed me the day you took my case, and I will pray for his blessings on you and your family for the rest of my life.”