How can you reduce your child’s stress about your divorce?

| May 25, 2021 | Firm News |

While you and your ex-spouse go through a divorce, you may notice odd signs in your children’s behavior. Maybe they appear withdrawn or afraid, or maybe they start acting out more often than before.

Helping your children deal with the stress that comes with a big life change is important for their mental health and well-being.

Speak clearly and informatively

According to Psychology Today, you should be direct and honest about the fact a divorce is happening. Instead of hiding behind metaphors and confusing jargon, tell your children in a clear way that you and your ex-spouse are no longer together.

However, keep the explanations simple and child-friendly. Do not add in rude or unpleasant details about your ex-spouse that would cause tension between him or her and your children.

Spend time together

Reassuring your children by spending extra time sometimes may also be necessary, since some younger children could incorrectly worry that this divorce means you no longer love them. Schedule in some hours together playing or going out on a special trip to help give them some good memories.

Keep conflict with your ex-spouse to a minimum by not trying to force your children to spend more time with one parent more than the other.

Be honest

Admitting this experience is a sad one can help your children work through these tough feelings. Talking and encouraging your children to ask questions if they have any is one way to aid communication between you both. Giving your children a sense of security can help them adjust to their new life after your divorce.

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