What steps should I take before divorce?

| Mar 15, 2021 | Firm News |

The period between deciding to divorce and finalizing the process is often difficult. In addition to making practical decisions, emotional matters will also need handling. If you have kids, the emotional upheaval is even greater.

How can you ensure the least amount of stress and heartache possible during the lead up to your divorce? Parents makes the following recommendations to help couples navigate this tumultuous time.

Separate from your ex emotionally

It is hard to separate yourself from a person you shared your life with for so many years, but emotional separation is an important part of the divorce process. Get into the habit of making decisions on your own without consulting with your former spouse. Do not reach out to the person for validation or reassurance. While you can still enjoy a good relationship with your ex, you must take steps to stand on your own feet again.

Decide how to tell your children

Even when a divorce is in the best interest of the whole family, kids will take the news hard. When telling your kids, plan what you are going to say with your ex first. You do not need to provide details nor place blame, but honesty is important, so your children have a full understanding of what will happen. Be prepared to answer their questions after breaking the news.

Find legal counsel

When a divorce is amicable and couples agree on major issues, an attorney might not seem necessary. However, even “simple” divorces are often complex, and an attorney provides essential legal guidance to make the right decision. An attorney can also identify discrepancies in the divorce agreement and offer advice on how to remedy them.

While it will take time, you and your family will eventually heal from your divorce. You may even enjoy a positive relationship with your former spouse as you come together to raise your children with love and respect.

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