What do you know about delayed car accident injury symptoms?

| Jan 13, 2021 | Firm News |

Maybe you feel fine after that “minor” accident you had a few days ago while driving down Tennessee’s roads. That means you have nothing to worry about, right?

Before you throw away the contact or insurance information that you received from the other driver, see what Metro Healthcare Partners says about delayed injury symptoms. Do not put your health or your rights in jeopardy.

Mood and behavior shifts

In the coming days and weeks, pay close attention to your mood and behavior. If you notice yourself acting out of sorts, you could have a traumatic brain injury from the accident. Besides mood and behavioral shifts, you may also experience problems with your memory, movement, vision or hearing.

Abdominal pain

Note abdominal bruising or pain, dizziness or fainting, as these are common symptoms of internal bleeding. Rather than hope the situation resolves itself with rest and over-the-counter medication, seek immediate medical attention to receive a diagnosis. Quick action could save your life.

Shoulder and neck pain

During a slight fender bender, your shoulders and neck may sustain most of the impact. Discomfort in your shoulders or neck may not appear until days after your accident, but you should not ignore it. You may have an injured spine or whiplash. Either way, have a doctor examine you to diagnose your pain.


Touching back on whiplash, the injury does not always manifest with pain. Instead, you may experience numbness in your hands and arms because of damage to your nerves.

Back pain

Any back pain or tingling you experience after your collision may point to a spinal injury, a herniated disc, whiplash or injured soft tissue.

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