What are signs my neck injury is serious?

| Dec 21, 2020 | Firm News |

You may feel fortunate to walk away from an automobile collision under your own power. You might not even suffer any immediate pain. Still, if the accident caused a neck injury, you might start experiencing symptoms that indicate you have a serious health problem.

In the event you experience symptoms after an accident, you should consider seeking medical attention. Damage from a neck injury can get worse and might lead to paralysis or another debilitating condition. WebMD describes some common symptoms a severe neck injury can produce.

Problems with pain

Certain kinds of pain show up after a neck injury. The pain may be persistent and refuses to go away. The pain could go beyond an annoyance and feel so severe that it impedes your daily activities. Neck injuries may also produce pain in other parts of your body, like your arms or legs.

Sensation and motor control issues

A neck injury can interfere with your nerve functions. You might feel strange tingling sensations in your feet, hands or arms and legs. It is also possible you will feel numbness in your limbs even if the weather is not cold.

Problems with your nerves can also make it hard to control your body. You might stumble while walking. Picking up an object becomes harder to do. These issues can lead to dangerous accidents like falling or losing control over an automobile while driving.

Bowel problems

Neck injuries can interfere with other body functions like your ability to control your bowels or your bladder. This can produce some embarrassing issues like a bowel accident if you cannot access a bathroom. Conversely, a neck injury may also create constipation, which can lead to other serious health complications.

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