Tennessee’s work zones see 14,082 crashes in 5-year span

| Dec 6, 2020 | Firm News |

As communities across Tennessee grow and more drivers share the same roads, so, too, does the number of work zones popping up across the state. While work zones may slow you down, they may, too, pose a threat to you behind the wheel, with the state seeing more than 14,000 work zone car wrecks within a recent five-year span. 

Per WREG, the Tennessee Department of Transportation reported 14,082 work zone car wrecks between November of 2014 and November of 2019. 

Work zone crash statistics

The more than 14,000 work zone car wrecks that took place in Tennessee within this five-year window resulted in 5,464 injuries and 83 fatalities. In 2018 alone, more than 650 work zone crashes took place within state lines, with 183 of them resulting in injuries and another 13 resulting in deaths. 

Ample hazards

Work zones are common sites for car crashes for several reasons. The changing nature of the roadway creates hazards for motorists who may struggle to follow unclear detours, misplaced traffic cones or poor signage. 

While you face construction-related hazards in work zones, other drivers who exercise carelessness or negligence may compound dangers. Speeding is a common element in many work zone wrecks. Distracted driving is another. Many crashes that take place in work zones also stem from drivers following too closely behind other cars that stop suddenly due to obstructions or ongoing roadwork. 

Safety tips

When possible, take an alternate route to avoid a known work zone. Otherwise, slow down, pay attention and otherwise follow all laws to help avoid involvement in a work zone car wreck. 

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