Is nesting right for us?

| Nov 20, 2020 | Firm News |

Divorce is difficult on its own, but if you have children with your ex-spouse you will be parenting partners with him or her forever. This can cause no end of logistical problems. For instance, moving children between two separate dwellings can be very challenging.

In response, some divorced families have experimented with nesting. “Nesting” is a situation where the children stay in one dwelling and the parents are the ones moving in and out according to the co-parenting schedule. As per Psychology Today, nesting can help give the divorced parents adequate space from each other while providing maximum stability to the children.

Where do the parents live?

The idea with nesting is that there is always one parent who is “on-duty” in the family home. Where the parent who is not in the home at this time lives is dependent upon the specific situation. It is not uncommon for “off-duty” parents to live with other family and friends if the nesting situation is temporary.

If the parents decide to extend the nesting situation, usually they elect to maintain a separate apartment for the “off-duty” parent. Nesting effectively does require a high degree of effective communication with your ex-spouse.

How long can nesting last?

Nesting can exist for as long or as short as works best for your family. Usually, the parents want to set up their own permanent separate living arrangement at some point, so nesting is temporary. However, in certain situations families have decided to continue nesting until their children have graduated from high school and move out of the house.

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