What distractions do drivers face?

| Oct 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Tennessee drivers like you often face numerous distractions while on the road. These distractions often create deadly environments for all drivers. They can lead to perilous crashes. 

But what are the deadliest distractions? How do you detect them? And how prominent are they to the average driver? 

Groups of driver distractions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examine common driver distractions. In specific, they group these distractions into three distinct categories. These are: 

  • Cognitive i.e. mental distractions 
  • Physical distractions 
  • Visual distractions 

Cognitive distractions are by far the most prevalent. Anything that takes your mind off the road counts as a cognitive distraction, which encompasses a huge number of experiences. Anything from thinking about dinner to picking a new song on the radio could act as a cognitive distraction. 

Physical distractions occur when you remove your hand or hands from the wheel. This most often occurs if you have food or a beverage in the car. You can also suffer from a physical distraction if you drop something on the floor and reach over to pick it up while in motion. This simultaneously acts as a visual distraction, in which you take your eyes off the road. 

Triple threat distractions

Of course, mobile devices act as the biggest visual distraction in modern times. Texting while driving falls under all three categories of distraction, which is what makes it so dangerous. 

Knowing the source of distractions is a good place to start. But distractions can still harm drivers even when you can anticipate them. This is part of why distractions persist as a constant danger on the roadway. 

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