Rain a possible cause of fatal collision in Nashville

| Oct 15, 2020 | Firm News |

Assigning liability for a car accident in Tennessee is an important step in ensuring that accident victims get the compensation that they need. Yet doing so is often easier said than done. Determining fault may be easy in some cases, yet in others, those involved may claim that their actions were neither negligent nor unlawful (and thus not warrant liability).

Yet simply because someone was not technically breaking the law does not necessarily mean that they were not negligent. This is especially true in cases involving excessive speeds. One might say that their speed does not merit consideration as the cause of an accident due to the fact that they were traveling under the posted speed limit. Posted speed limits, however, are often not viewed as absolute when it comes to scrutinizing a driver’s actions.

Slick roads lead to collision on Old Hickory Blvd

One need only look at a recent collision that occurred in Nashville for an example of such a scenario. The local NBC affiliate reports that authorities believe that speed did indeed have a role in causing a collision that left one man dead and another injured. The driver of a Honda Fit lost control of the vehicle while traveling along Old Hickory Blvd, eventually striking a Chevy Silverado. The driver of the Honda died in the crash, while the driver of the Chevy required treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital. Rain made the roads slick at the time of the accident, and investigators believe the driver of the Honda drove too fast given the conditions.

Seeking compensation for reckless action

One might wonder what the point is in taking action against one killed in a car accident (despite them having caused it). Yet financial assistance for accident expenses can come from a person’s estate. An experienced legal professional might be of great assistance when pursuing such a claim.

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