The condition of Tennessee’s roads and car accidents

| Sep 30, 2020 | Firm News |

Good roads in the state of Tennessee could lead to fewer accidents. Though this correlation might seem obvious, the cause and affect connection is not always easy to make.

Two recent reports show that the state of roads is not the always a factor in many accidents.

Best quality roads in the nation

A Chattanooga Times Free Press article claims Tennessee has the best quality roads in the U.S. and that it is the second best state for drivers. The newspaper report relied on information from a study and analysis from The organization considered 31 aspects related to driving, including the following:

  • Road quality
  • Cost, safety and ease of travel
  • Fuel and maintenance costs
  • Weather
  • Road congestion
  • Commute time

The article goes on by showing a number of past mentions of good driving conditions in Tennessee from a variety of sources. State officials give credit to the state’s quality roads to a boost in spending adopted in 2017. Also, the state has no transportation debt, allowing 100% of revenues earmarked for roads to go for upkeep.

High rate of fatalities in 2020

Despite good roads, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported a high rate of traffic fatalities so far in 2020, even as fewer drivers hit the road due to the pandemic. Traffic fatalities in March of 2020 increased over 18% from the same month last year. A Tennessee Highway official blamed two factors: speeding and lack of a seat belt. Officials also cite an increase in reckless driving and people speaking on phones or texting. Observers report the trend of fewer miles driven and a higher rate of fatalities in several other states as well in 2020.

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