How does the school deal with child custody matters?

| Sep 12, 2020 | Firm News |

When you and your former spouse share custody, there will be many times that you have to work together. One of those is when it comes to your child’s education. 

According to, the school must follow the law when it comes to child custody matters, so the school will request court papers to verify anything you or your former spouse may tell them. It is essential to keep the school in the loop on matters as it can only follow what court orders say. 

Parental rights

The State Board of Education will consider the person enrolling the child as the person with custody rights. This person holds all responsibility for the child’s education and welfare. The school will not change its custody records with a certified copy of your court order that states custody information. 

Access to information

The school will grant both parents the right to receive information and records. You can get access to grade cards and test scores. You also have the right to get your child’s schedule. The school’s stance is that it will not restrict the rights of the noncustodial parent without a court order that states the noncustodial parent cannot have access to this information. 

Protecting your child

If you have a contentious situation, you will need to inform the school. However, the school cannot prevent your former spouse from seeing or accessing your child unless you provide an official court order. The school will not act as an authority to prevent your former spouse from having rights if the court has not taken these rights away. 

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