How do you tell your child about your divorce?

| Sep 10, 2020 | Firm News |

Divorcing parents in Tennessee still put your child before anything else. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when the very nature of divorce has the potential to greatly harm your child.

Many parents in your shoes thus find yourself wondering if there is any way to break the news without doing harm. There are many methods of letting your child know about divorce. But do any of them actually lower the distress your child faces and feels?

Tailor your approach to your child

Psychology Today discusses some of the most common tips for handling breaking news of divorce to your child. They start off by reminding you that all children react to things in a different way. This not only goes for the news of divorce itself, but also for the tips you receive on how to handle breaking said news.

In other words, you must adjust your approach based on your child. Take their age, maturity and personality into consideration. You can work some tips and advice in to your talk, but always go with your gut feeling on whether or not it may end up well-received.

Organize your approach

Next, focus on how you present information with your co-parent. Make sure not to have discussions when either of you get heated, as your child will likely pick up on this. Discuss things calmly. Decide in advance what information you are willing to discuss and what you want to keep to the adults only.

Finally, be flexible. Adjust your plan and discussion as needed. It is important to rehearse in advance and figure out exactly what you want to do. But it is as important to make split-second changes if your child reacts poorly to one plan.

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