Do I have to file a personal report of a Tennessee car accident?

| Sep 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Car accident victims can find relief by seeking justice. But it will be difficult to receive damages without a written record of the crash.

This is one reason why law enforcement must receive notification about nearly every car accident that happens in Tennessee. Depending on the degree of property damage that results, you might need to file a personal report in addition to a police report.

Police report

Specifically, if you are part of a car accident involving injuries, death or property damage that costs over $50 to fix, then you should call the police immediately. Keep in mind that there are many car accident injuries that don’t appear right away. Plus, that minor dent on your car can easily cost you more than $50 to repair. So, it’s important to put aside any doubts you have and ignore pushback you receive from the other driver about not needing to call the police.

When neither party at the scene appears to have life-threatening injuries, then you probably won’t need to request an ambulance when you call. However, it’s essential to let the dispatcher know where you are if you want a police officer arrive to the scene and compile and file a report of the incident.

Personal report

When the property damage caused by the accident will cost more than $400 to fix or injuries or death occur, completion of a personal report is also necessary. You can request a form and submit it through the Tennessee Department of Safety. You’ll have 20 days to file your report, otherwise you may face driver’s license suspension. It’s worth mentioning that both parties need to file a report and that your version of the report only includes your contact and insurance information.

Since creating a record of the crash can help you keep your driving privileges, you’ll want to promptly begin the car accident reporting and settlement process.


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