Why it is important to check  for unseen accident injuries

| Aug 20, 2020 | Firm News |

Car accidents can produce some horrendous injuries. Some accident victims suffer gaping wounds, broken bones, and smashed limbs that require amputation. On the other hand, some people emerge from a wreck without visible signs of an injury. That does not mean they are necessarily out of danger, though. 

Some injuries, even life threatening ones, are not always obvious. Getting a medical evaluation following an accident could be the most prudent action to take. It may ensure that the collision did not inflict a dangerous, unseen injury. 

Internal bleeding

Some people get out of a wreck with just a few scrapes or cuts but no serious bleeding. Still, not all bleeding happens through the skin. Healthline points out that blunt force trauma can cause bleeding inside the body. A crash victim can have internal bleeding anywhere, in the head, the chest, or the legs. Sometimes internal bleeding may pool into the lungs. 

Internal bleeding might not produce noticeable symptoms for days, and by the time it does, the problem could be life threatening. Some injury victims go into shock when they lose too much blood, with death likely to follow without immediate medical attention. 

Traumatic brain injury

Some crash victims suffer a blow to the head, causing brain damage that may result in a variety of health problems that do not show up immediately. The Mayo Clinic explains that while some symptoms show up within hours, others may manifest days or even weeks after the injury. Also, some symptoms might seem so minor, like a headache or a bout of dizziness, that they do not indicate something more serious is wrong. 

More life threatening complications may result. These can include seizures, infections, strokes, or fluids building up in the brain which create swelling. Some people may even fall unconscious or slip into comas that they do not emerge from. Revealing a brain injury early on through a medical examination may make the difference between life or death. 

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