Should you drive a truck in the left lane?

| Apr 17, 2020 | Firm News |

In many states, the left lane on a highway is typically reserved for fast vehicles passing one another. 

As a truck driver, it may be confusing to decide whether or not it is proper to drive there in certain circumstances. 

Benefits of the left lane 

Truckers may feel tempted to stay in the left lane while driving mostly due to its convenience. When vehicles turn in from the on-ramps, you do not have to worry about anyone merging in the right lane. This tactic can help you avoid slowing down, which may also be annoying at high speeds. It also may be helpful for a faster journey if you are trying to meet a deadline. 

Issues on the road 

However, the root of the issue comes from the possibility for accidents. Many people using cars find it cumbersome to maneuver around large semi trucks as they drive. In fact, some states even have legal precedents for these semi trucks with lane restrictions in place. Not following the weight limits on vehicles or not keeping your speed up can lead to fines if these rules are not followed. 

What to do 

Accidents from crashes occur suddenly and without warning at times. Speeding and quick turns can cause these situations, especially in a large truck with poor visibility. 

In addition, frustration at poor traffic conditions can lead to road rage from people in other cars. Preventing this phenomenon can help other drivers stay safe on highways. It is best to be cautious about using the left lane if you drive a large truck. 

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