What is a major contributor to trucking accidents?

| Mar 4, 2020 | Firm News |

In the United States, there are over 15 million commercial trucks on roadways each year. These trucks transport a lot of important cargo to people and businesses throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these trucks are also participants in devastating trucking accidents. According to Keep Truckin, the FMSCA has rules and regulations to protect passenger vehicles and truckers on the road. However, there is still a problem with accidents and drowsy driving may be the culprit. 

In terms of accidents involving at least one commercial truck, the number one reason for trucking accidents is driver error. Drivers may be inattentive, asleep or they may make a split-second decision that happens to be the wrong one. For instance, a trucker may misjudge the speed of other vehicles and change lanes dangerously on the freeway. 

For drivers who have non-performance or slow reaction time due to drowsiness may be falling short of the federal regulations and standards. Commercial trucking is an intense industry. This industry values efficiency and delivering cargo in a timely way. Unfortunately, this is sometimes at the risk of the truckers and other passengers. For instance, truckers may have unrealistic schedules due to trucking companies encouraging them to go as quickly as possible. One major contributor to accidents is fatigue. 

When a driver is tired, it can make other conditions worse. Often, accidents involve several factors. When it comes to a drowsy driver, if there is poor weather and a bad highway condition, crashes may be more likely because the driver’s reaction time and ability to navigate the conditions is less than average. 

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