Should you modify your child support payments?

| Mar 12, 2020 | Firm News |

Courts in Tennessee know not every arrangement made for divorcing couples will last. Parental circumstances will likely change in the following years. Because of that, courts will alter things like child support payments if requested. Courts do not approve all requests. But there are some acceptable reasons for modifying payments. 

These reasons often relate to the financial situation of one or both parents. Also, know that modification requests go in either direction. A parent may ask for courts to increase payments. A parent may also ask for a decrease. The receiving parent often asks for increases. The paying parent asks for decreases. 

A receiving parent may request for an increase if they fall on hard financial times. This often involves the loss of a job. It may also involve an increase in how much it costs to care for the child. An example may be if the child develops a complex health condition. 

A paying parent may request a decrease if they are struggling financially as well. This includes the above reasons. It also includes if they marry into a new family and become a primary caretaker. Another reason is if the receiving parent gains new sources of financial support. This may include marrying into a new family with a different primary supporter. 

If you have other questions about handling child support payment modifications, look at our web page. It will take you to our web page on divorce. There, you can look at issues and hurdles related to divorce. You can look at support modification, custody modification and more. 

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