How does trucker fatigue impact you?

| Mar 9, 2020 | Firm News |

Residents in Tennessee share the road with many other drivers. Sometimes, you must share the road with truckers as well. Due to their size, they pose a bigger risk than other vehicles. Today we will take a look at how drowsy driving becomes even riskier when truckers engage in it. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examines the overall dangers of drowsy driving. Drowsy driving is a lot like distracted driving. It impacts drivers in a similar way. Drivers often: 

  • Have delayed reflexes 
  • Cannot pay attention to their surroundings 
  • Do not see danger in time to avoid it 
  • Miss important cues in the traffic around them 

These factors lead to a driver who is much more likely to crash. This is already a big risk no matter who the drowsy driver is. Unfortunately, truckers are the biggest risk of any drowsy driver. Truckers often drive enormous vehicles that weigh tons. In a crash between a regular pedestrian car and a truck, the truck will always come out with less damage. 

Trucker fatigue is dangerous due to how normalized it is in the industry as well. Many truckers have come to accept the fact that they will be driving without enough sleep. For some, it is even a point of pride to brag about how much they can do while sleep deprived. But no trucker is immune to the risks of drowsy driving. Those who have not yet crashed may someday crash in the future. Unfortunately, their hubris may take out drivers who had nothing to do with them, making them a big risk. 

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