What should you keep in mind about accident aftercare?

| Feb 10, 2020 | Firm News |

If you are in an auto accident, then you may seek medical treatment right after the crash. In some cases, a paramedic may check you out at the scene and you may not go to the hospital if all seems well. However, after an accident, you need to realize that not all injuries are automatically apparent. This is why paramedics will almost always recommend going to the hospital. However, if you do not go, then you should at least be aware of signs you should watch for that indicate something needs a doctor’s care. 

Drugs.com explains that right after an accident, you may not feel a lot of pain because it can take a day or more for muscle pain to set in. Even if you have a serious injury, you may not notice it right away because of the adrenalin from the accident dulling your ability to feel pain. This is something to be aware of because it can cause serious complications or further injury to your body because you do not know you are hurt. 

You should note that there are two impacts to your body in a crash. The first is to the outside, and the second is to your internal organs. You can see any injuries on the outside of your body fairly easily, but you may not see or even recognize internal injuries. This means you need to be vigilant in the days after your accident to watch out for any new feelings of discomfort or pain. 

You should see a doctor if new pain develops or if you experience issues you did not prior to the accident. This is especially true if you have any new issues in your abdomen, chest or head. Weakness or tingling in your arms or legs is another sign to seek medical care right away. 

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