Is communicating with your ex during divorce bad?

| Jan 14, 2020 | Firm News |

When you are going through a divorce from your former spouse in Tennessee, it may be challenging to refrain from defending your decision or opinions if you are being mistreated by him or her. Separating from a narcissistic spouse, in particular, can be especially challenging because you may witness firsthand how your name and reputation are being slandered by someone who is determined to win everything. 

Even more challenging is when you have children with your former spouse and are concerned about how their views of you will change if they are manipulated by their other parent. According to, treat communication in these circumstances with extreme care to avoid saying anything that could come back to haunt you. Be watchful about what you say to and around your children and if they tell you things about your ex, do your best to listen and respond without saying anything negative about your former relationship. 

If you need to communicate with your spouse concerning child custody arrangements or divorce proceedings, consider enlisting the help of a legal professional to act as a liaison. Be aware that any written or oral communication has the potential to be altered to appear that you said things you did in fact, never say. If you are upset about something, never speak in haste or anger to your ex which can boost his or her position and leave you in a worse predicament. Eventually, your commitment to proceed with tact, clarity, and honesty will help you to establish a trustworthy reputation that can support your effort to achieve a beneficial outcome for your divorce. 

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