Here are some scientific factors that can predict divorce

| Jan 13, 2020 | Firm News |

Over the years, social scientists in Tennessee and all around the world have tried to understand and predict human behavior. One of the most common subject matters is divorce. Why do people divorce and what are some of the factors that make this more likely? 

Most people can think of obvious answers to this question. Infidelity, high debt and domestic abuse are just some of the obvious factors that signal a coming break in the marriage. What about the not-so-obvious ones? 

Getting married at a certain age 

According to the scientists cited by Business Insider, teenage sweethearts and people who get married after 32 years old have one thing in common. They both have a greater chance of divorce. People who marry in their late 20s and early 30s are less likely to get a divorce. 

Working in some fields 

It comes as no surprise that some professions see higher divorce rates than others. However, which ones those are may catch some people off guard. Bartenders, gaming managers and flight attendants had the highest divorce rates. Believe it or not, scientists tended to have the lowest divorce rates. 

Dropping out of high school 

The study also found that more than half of marriages ended in divorce if at least one person did not finish high school. In contrast, college graduates had a 30% divorce rate. One potential reason for this may be that college graduates, once they have surpassed the student loan debt, tend to have a better financial future ahead. 

Marrying an educated woman 

CNN also chimed in to add that 78% of married women who had at least a bachelor’s degree tended to have marriages last for 20 years or more. Compare this to 41% of women with a high school diploma. For men, it is 65% and 47%, respectively. 

There are marriages that meet all these criteria and last a lifetime. Nevertheless, these factors have been identified as strong indicators of impending divorce or shorter marriage length. 

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